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Photography Policy

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The Patch and Christmas Trees

In an effort to be fair to everyone who visits our pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot,  Professional photographers must schedule a time and pay the photography fee prior to scheduled sessions if planning to invite families for a structured photo session and/or using photos for financial gains.


The fee associated with having professional photography sessions at the Patch or Christmas Trees:

1/2 Hour: $45

1 Hour: $85

Need longer than an hour? Save 20% on your reservation when you book more time.

There is no fee for entry into our Pumpkin Patch and visitors taking personal photos are allowed - this policy applies to professional sessions. We do not provide any type of photography just the photo ops and the opportunity to have photography sessions at our property. This helps to ensure our visitors get to enjoy their time at the Patch and there are not multiple photo sessions going all at once. 

Each inquiry is handled under our blanket policy to ensure we are being fair to each and every photographer who has inquired about photos at our patch and those who have already scheduled and paid. There have unfortunately been some situations where we needed a blanket policy. Therefore we require you to schedule your session prior.


Thank you for understanding and following our policy. This ensures we are able to continue to allow photography sessions at our Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Trees. Without it and without your cooperation, photography sessions would not be possible. Thank you.

For Sunflower photography policy visit the Sunflower Fields page.

*Information subject to change​

Private Red Truck Photo Sessions

The Red Ford Truck is available to rent from September through December! It will be themed for both Fall and Christmas. The pricing below is just for the rental of the Truck and Props, no photographer or photography is provided.


1/2 Hour: $45

Need more time? You will get a discount code with your initial reservation that can be applied to future sessions.

To reserve: We require booking through our online booking link. Looking to do a session longer than 30 minutes? You can book multiple sessions through the link. These sessions happen rain or shine as this is Oregon and the weather is unpredictable. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

*We have 2 Vintage Red Trucks. The Chevy is our logo and for your quick family Instagram photos. The Ford is solely used for private photography sessions.

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Private Red Truck Photo Reservation Times

Valentines Truck:

Reservations are open for 2024

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